Tomasz Wawryczuk

Tomasz Wawryczuk * 1966


Ługwałd k/Olsztyna, Poland


The human body and the interplay of spatial elements.

Work style:

”without model”, pictures stored on the "hard disk"
of my memory and intensified by my imagination
are not subjected to any provoking impulses
as would occur inevitably
in immediate contact
with the living model.
This gives me freedom to range unimpededly
within the realm of my aesthetics.


...bronze, ceramics, space.
In pursuit of my genuine way of organizing
space, shaping bodies from malleable material.
I compose the apportionment of surface areas
to fraction the light in a way that
conveys my intentions and purposes
to the beholder.
It is my concern to represent human bodies
and the relationships/ interactions between them in order to
intrigue the viewer,
encourage him to give his imagination free rein
and dare his own speculations.


"To draw inspiration from somebody else's work is only natural. But you have to give your own sweat and blood". Jan Pruski - 2017